About us

Historically, Hendra Barn was part of a working family farm and still lies in the heart of the farming community. In 1996, our family acquired the property and began to renovate and extend the main barn, taking care to preserve the original stonework and supporting beams.

More recently, a 2-bedded timbered cottage has been built in the grounds. Over time we have been busy landscaping the fields and gardens to create a pleasant and tranquil environment. One of our favourite spots is by the pond, which is stocked with koi carp and is home to two turtles, which my youngest son has aptly named Leonardo and Raphael.

Over the last twenty years we have enjoyed spending time at Hendra Barn with family and friends. We have created many happy memories there – one occasion that stands out for me is when we saw in the Millennium together, drinking bubbly and watching the fireworks.

We are now pleased to welcome guests to come and stay, in what we regard to be a very special place!


Grazyna and Marian Kostuch